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Museum Lectures

Museum Lectures

Fascinating lectures, debates, and programs on scientific and cultural topics that range from the fossil-hunting to climate change.

Upcoming Offerings

Questions for a Resilient Future 2014

Questions for a Resilient Future

October 14, 2014

Distinguished scholars and guests will explore two fundamental questions: "How far should we go to bring back lost species?" and "Mind and morality: where do they meet?” Don’t miss the closing discussion moderated by Krista Tippett.


The Mack Lipkin Man and Nature Series

October 16, 2014

Join leading conservation professionals as they share the experiences and lessons that underscore their careers in marine conservation.

Past Offerings

An Indomitable Beast

An Indomitable Beast with Alan Rabinowitz

September 17, 2014

Big-cat expert Alan Rabinowitz shares his own personal journey to conserve a species that, despite its past resilience, is now on a slide toward extinction.

Fun with Poison

Fun with Poison: Tour, Walk and Talk

May 30, 2014

Sold out - End your week with an exclusive after-hours tour of the Museum's popular exhibition The Power of Poison, led by Curator Mark Siddall and his merry band of poison experts from the fields of forensics, food, history, literature, and medicine, to discover how poison has shaped the course of human history. 

Identification Day

Identification Day

May 10, 2014

Bring your shells, rocks, insects, feathers, bones, and artifacts to the annual Identification Day.

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