Lectures and Special Events

Colonel Louis Cook: Revolutionary War Hero

April 14, 2015

Peter Whiteley 2015

Join Curator Peter Whiteley for an exploration of the life of Col. Louis Cook, or, by his Mohawk name, Atayataghronghta (1738–1814). Simultaneously the highest-ranking African-American officer and Native American officer in the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War, in 1775, he approached George Washington to offer the services of 200 Kahnawake Mohawks for the Patriot cause. This talk looks at the personal history of this exceptional man, who deserves a more prominent place in American history.

Speaker Bio: 

Dr. Peter Whiteley studies the cultures, social structures, social histories, and environmental relations in Native North America from the 17th century to the present. His research focuses on four areas: Hopi society, culture, and polity in northern Arizona; Cayuga and other Six Nations Iroquois social and political history in northeastern North America and the trans-Mississippi West; Hupa society and culture in northwestern California; and Eastern and Western Pueblo intercultural relations and sociopolitical transformations during and after the Pueblo Revolt of 1680.