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Milstein Science Series

Ocean Eats

March 10, 2013


Explore the relationship between humans and the oceans, from cultural traditions and fishing practices to sustainable seafood, and learn what you can do to be good steward of the Earth’s seas. Join host Mark Siddall, scientist Eleanor Sterling, chef Chris Young,and author Mark Kurlansky with his daughter Talia Kurlansky as they discuss the challenges of sustainable practices. Enjoy hands–on activities, and a performance by the Story Pirates.


Exploration Stations 11am - 4:30pm

Story Pirates Performance: FISH FOOD
Noon – 3pm

Meet the Experts
Join host Mark Siddall, scientist Eleanor Sterling, chef Chris Young,and author Mark Kurlansky with his daughter Talia Kurlansky as they discuss ocean sustainability, followed by an audience Q&A.

Special Film Screening of Shellshocked
5:00pm, Kaufmann Theater
SHELLSHOCKED: Saving Oysters to Save Ourselves follows efforts to prevent the extinction of wild oyster reefs, which keep our oceans healthy by filtering water and engineering ecosystems.Followed by a Q&A with the filmmaker Emily Driscoll, For more, click here., Peter Malinowski from the New York Harbor School and musical guests Bob Wright and Harbortown.
For more information about the film, click here.



Mark Kurlansky is a New York Times bestselling and Dayton Literary Peace Prize -winning author. He is the recipient of a Bon Appétit American Food and Entertaining Award for Food W

riter of the Year, and the Glenfiddich Food and Drink Award for Food Book of the year. Cod,his third work of nonfiction and winner of the 1999 James Beard Award,is the biography of a single species of fish, but it may as well be a world history with this humble fish as its recurring main character. In this lovely, thoughtful history, Kurlansky ponders the question: Is the fish that changed the world forever changed by the world's folly?

Talia Kurlansky is a seventh grader whose interests include fishing and dancing, she usually catches more fish than her Dad. She has appeared in numerous ballets and is studying dance at the Alvin Ailey School. Talia was a collaborator on World Without Fish with her father Mark Kurlansky.

Mark Siddall is Curator and Professor at the American Museum of Natural History and is one of the curators of the Hall of Ocean Life. He leads an international research program studying invertebrate biodiversity and evolutionary history. The diversity of Siddall’s research, particularly on leeches, has led to appearances in a variety of natural history programs and he recently showed that T. rex is alive and well feeding on children in the Amazon. Mark is a self-styled Expeditionary Gastronomist and peripatetic purveyor of all things parasitological.

Eleanor Sterling is Director of the Center for Biodiversity and Conservation and curator of Our Global Kitchen: Food, Nature, Culture. Her primary research is focused on behavioral ecology, particularly of endangered mammals, turtles, and tortoises, and on biogeography and its application to conservation. Eleanor is currently co-leading population demography, genetic, epidemiological and behavioral ecology research on the sea turtles of Palmyra Atoll, the Solomon Islands, and the broader Pacific.

Chris Young is the principal coauthor of the acclaimed six-volume work Modernist Cuisine: The Art and Science of Cooking, which was named both the 2012 Cookbook of the Year and Best Professional Cookbook of the year by the James Beard Foundation and has been a worldwide best seller. Prior to becoming a chef, he completed degrees in theoretical mathematics and biochemistry. With Grant Crilly and Ryan Smith, Chris founded the free-to-learn culinary school which operates out of Delve Kitchen at Pike's Place Market in Seattle Washington.

Story Pirates is a nationally respected education and media organization founded in 2003 to celebrate the words and ideas of young people. By pairing world-class teachers with first-rate actors and comedians, we offer a variety of tools to make learning more engaging and effective. Dually based in New York and Los Angeles, we are best known for the Idea Storm Program, a master-class writing workshop that brings teaching concepts to life, followed by a musical sketch comedy show featuring stories by students and performed by professional artists.


The Milstein Science Series is proudly sponsored by the Irma and Paul Milstein Family.

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