The Science of Predicting an Election

November 2, 2016


With so many political polls coming out, the airwaves are filled with breathless stories covering the ups and downs of individual candidates. But how much do these polls mean, and what should we really be looking for? Data scientist Sam Wang will discuss how data can be mined creatively for insights into what's really happening this campaign season, the shape of the American electorate on Election Day, and more.

Please note: Josh Katz will not be in attendance.

About the Speakers


Sam Wang is professor of molecular biology and neuroscience at Princeton University. His work focuses on the neurobiology of learning, at levels ranging from single synapses to the whole brain.


Read More

  • When did hyper-partisanship begin? Read about how pre-election polling data points to the mid-1990s.
  • An article by presenter, Sam Wang, on sharpening the 2016 presidential forecast.
  • Check out the New York Times Sunday Review   “Let Math Save Our Democracy”.
  • Learn more about polling errors, examining how four reputable pollsters were given the same raw data but produced different results.

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