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Lizards & Snakes Booklist for Educators

Separate snake facts from folklore. View and read up on hundreds of squamate species. And find out what it takes to keep snakes as terrarium pets.


Educator Guide

Hall of Human Origins for educators

Humans, like all species, are a product of evolution. Help students understand the evolutionary story of our taxonomic family with this practical and printable exhibit guide.



Explore the Family Tree of Birds

Scientists on many parts of the globe are working to decipher the family tree of animals at the transition from non-avian dinosaurs to birds. Find out why it's such a hot topic.

Reference List

Ocean Life Book List

Want to learn more about ocean life but can't fathom where to start? Let this list of more than 50 books—with titles for kids and adults—be your guide for deep-sea diving. 

Reference List

Ocean Life Web List

Solve the mystery of the sick killer whales. Send questions to a marine biologist. Explore the secrets of the ocean realm. And learn how to protect the world's waters with this library of links. 


Classroom Activity, Hands-on Activity


Natural selection plays a large role in the evolution of a species. The following activity demonstrates this concept.

Hall of PLanet Earth Educator's Guide

Educator Guide

Hall of Planet Earth for educators

With 168 rock specimens that come from nearly all corners of the globe, the hall is a rich resource for exploring our planet's geologic history. Figure out how to best customize your classroom visit with this practical and printable exhibit guide.


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