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Common Core Literacy & Science Standards: The Observable Universe and Life Cycle of Stars

April 16, 2014


AMNH/D. Finnin

This one day workshop focuses on using the Cullman Hall of the Universe to investigate the observable universe and understand the life cycle of stars. Teachers will experience pre, during and post field trip activities that embed science content in Common Core aligned reading and writing tasks. Discussions with colleagues will provide an opportunity for teachers to differentiate lessons for their students.

Teachers will receive copies of the Educator’s Guide as well as a set of resources that include, essays, videos, and a flash drive containing digital resources such as SMART board materials and images from the exhibits. In addition teachers will take home a volume of pre-instruction assessment probes from the Uncovering Student Ideas in Science series. 

This workshop is for teachers of grades 6-12.


Funding for this workshop has been provided through the generous support of The Louis Calder Foundation.

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