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TRUST: Earth and Space Science Institute 2014

July 28, 2014 - August 8, 2014


The TRUST Summer Institute for Earth and Space Science is designed to address the competencies needed for New York State certification in Earth Science. The program is organized around essential questions related to the New York State Earth Science Core Curriculum. In this two-week professional development Institute, teachers will deepen their understanding of content knowledge and teaching process skills by engaging with AMNH scientists, exhibits, and print and digital resources.

Teachers will strengthen their ability to facilitate learning in the Museum and participate in Earth Science labs and field trip investigations. In addition, participants will reflect with colleagues on teaching strategies and student learning to increase their capacity to teach and engage students in the classroom.

Week 1: Space Science
What is Earth?
How old is Earth?
Where is Earth?
Why is Earth warm?
How does Earth move?

Week 2: Earth Science
How has Earth evolved?
What is the nature of the inner Earth?
Why does Earth's surface look the way it does?
What causes climate and climate change?
How is climate change affecting Earth?

Registration for Lehman College Students

Science education students seeking certification in Earth Science, grades 7-12 ; Certified teachers seeking dual certification in Earth Science, grades 7-12(maticulation not required)

Contact: Dr. Heather Sloan

Registration for Brooklyn College Students

Science teachers grades 1-6; Science education students seeking certification in Earth Science, grades 5-9 or 7-12; Certified Teachers seeking dual certification in Earth Science, grades 7-12 (maticulation not required); Non-matriculated students must apply to Brooklyn College as Nondegree students by June 30.

Contact: Dr. Jennifer Adams

On-line Application for Non-Brooklyn/Non-Lehman College Students: Click Here


 The TRUST Earth and Space Science Institute is a collaboration with Brooklyn and Lehman Colleges.

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