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English Language Learners

English Language Learners

English Language Learners

From 2007-2009, The American Museum of Natural History, in collaboration with NYC public schools, offered a Science Literacy Program for science educators working with English language learners (ELL) in 6th grade. The purpose of the program was to: capitalize on the use of "Visual Scientific Resources" to deepen knowledge of Earth science: help educators learn linguistic strategies for scaffolding science content and processes; use the museum exhibits and museum learning strategies such as observation, recording, description, and comparison to supplement in-school learning; and honor students' native languages and model English language skills. The program focused on the following topics: ecosystems, climate and weather, water cycle, clouds, and seasons. Below, participating teachers, Museum educators, and administrators tell their stories about the experience.


An Overview

Dr. Maritza MacDonald gives an overview of the program and its purpose.


Expeditionary Learning

Norma Peek recounts how Museum visits helped her students complete final projects about human impact on the environment.


Leadership Breakfasts/Family Day

Assistant Principal Patricia Catania tells how the program enriched science learning at her school, and the development of a bilingual book.


NOAA Program Activities

Museum educator Minna Palaquibay's story about collaboration between ESL teachers, school administrations, students and families.

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