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Spiders: Webs Unraveled (Grades 2 and 3 OR Grades 4 and 5)

August 3, 2015 - August 28, 2015

Mexican red knee (Brachypelma smithi)

This stunning tarantula, which lives mainly on the Pacific coast of Mexico, resides in burrows, hurrying out to prey on insects, small frogs, lizards, and mice.

© AMNH\R. Mickens

Explore the creepy, crawly world of these fascinating eight-legged invertebrates! Get up close and personal with tarantulas, learn why spiders don't stick to their own webs, and discover the startling diversity of this ancient group of animals.

Grades 2 and 3
August 24–August 28
9 am–4 pm
$550 ($525 members)

Grades 4 and 5

 August 3–August 7
9 am–4 pm

 $550 ($525 members)

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