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Milstein Amazing Amazon_Spider

Touch Table

As the Amazon River flows through the rain forest, take a journey featuring tantalizing tales, amazing artifacts, and live animals with Youth Connection to Nature.

Milstein Amazing Amazon_Under the Canopy

Under the Canopy

Travel from the Amazon rain forest canopy to the river in this immersive virtual reality experience.

Milstein Amazing Amazon_Rivers

When River Meets Ocean

In this interactive game, explore what happens when the freshwater Amazon River meets the salty Atlantic Ocean to produce a phenomenon called the biogeographic barrier.

Milstein Amazing Amazon_Awesome Amazon

Awesome Amazon

Discover the unique adaptations of the animals that rely on the Amazon River for their habitat and survival with the New York Aquarium and Central Park Zoo Performance Theater.

Milstein Amazing Amazon_Meet the Experts

Meet the Experts

Interact with experts in the field and learn about their most recent findings in the Amazon.

Milstein Amazing Amazon_Exploration Stations

Museum Collections

Examine a variety of Amazonian animals and insects from the Museum’s collections.

Milstein Amazing Amazon_Crafting Conservation

Crafting Conservation

Litter in the world’s oceans comes from many sources, including the rivers that lead into the sea. Learn about conservation efforts while crafting wildlife found in the Amazon river with recycled plastics, led by artist Calder Kamin.

Milstein Amazing Amazon_Hall of Biodiversity

Upsetting Balance

The Amazon River basin is a web of ecosystems, and threats like overfishing put it at risk. In this game of balance, discover how all the players in an ecosystem depend on each other to survive.


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