Ecosystems in Balance

Milstein Amazing Amazon_Going Going Gone

Going Going Gone

Today, species are becoming extinct—disappearing from our planet—at a faster rate than ever before. What's behind this increase, and what can be done to slow or stop it? 

Milstein Amazing Amazon_Habitiat


Animals and plants are usually adapted to survive best in particular environments, known as their habitats.

Milstein Amazing Amazon_Endangered Species Game

Endangered Species Game

Roll snake eyes, and you're on your way to survival. Land on the extinct box, though, and you're gone. Kaput. Finis. In this board game, your very survival is at stake! 

Milstein Amazing Amazon_Reefs in Crisis

Reefs in Crisis

Humans have harmlessly harvested coral reefs for thousands—or even hundreds of thousands—of years. So why has our behavior in recent years suddenly put reefs at risk?

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