Schedule of Events

Milstein Amazing Amazon_Meet the Experts

Meet the Experts

Noon and 2:30 pm

Join scientists Tom Lovejoy, Mark Siddall, and Patricia Yager as they discuss biodiversity research, leeches in the Amazon, and new coral reef discoveries. Q&A moderated by curator and host Mark Siddall to follow. 

Milstein Amazing Amazon_Animals of the Amazon

Animals of the Amazon

1:30 and 3:30 pm

Meet the live animals that call the Amazon home with Jarod Miller, zoologist and host of Animal Planet’s “Pet Finder.” 

Live Animals include:

  • Two-toed Sloth
  • Tamandua
  • Giant Marine Toad
  • Yellow footed Tortoise
  • Kinkajou
  • Macaw
  • Tegu Monitor
  • Boa Constrictor
Milstein Amazing Amazon_Schedule of Events

Cool Rainforest Connections

2 pm and 4 pm

Go on an adventure with superhero Captain Cocoa to save the rain forest, and discover how YOU can save the day in an interactive presentation with the Central Park Zoo Performance Theater


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