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Grades 3-5



Meet the OLogist: Sandra Olsen

Do you dream of a career studying horses? If so, you'll want to meet Sandra Olsen, a zooarchaeologist who has been learning about how humans domesticated wild horses.


Hands-on Activity

Horse Books

From a ride on the famed Pony Express to a pop-up guide for young equestrians, these kid-friendly titles bring to life the enduring relationship between humans and horses.



Beautiful Breeds

Did you know that there are more than 200 breeds of horses living today? Explore amazing facts about horse breeds. Find out about their colors, body types, the different jobs they do, and where in the world they come from.


Antarctic Weather Reports

The weather station names paint quite a picture of Antarctica—Penguin Point, Ski-Hi, and Windless Bight. Which one would you guess had the lowest temperature? And what month was it recorded in?



Beyond T. rex

Only a small fraction of the 400-plus known species of extinct dinosaurs have appeared on TV and movie screens. Meet some of the more unusual members of T. rex and Velociraptor's family tree.



Bone Up on Your Fossils

Can you match up these eight dinosaur fossil photos with their descriptions? It's harder than you think!



What Do You Know about Paleontology?

How much do you know about the Age of Dinosaurs? Brush the dust and other sediment off your brain, and test your paleontology knowledge with this interactive quiz.



What Do You Know About Horses?

How much do you really know about horses? Test your equine knowledge with this interactive quiz. Don't worry, there's no grading—just a helpful look at the answers when you're done!

Bees pollinate flowers

Young Naturalist Awards Essay

Bees in the Ecosystem

This 13-year-old from Ohio didn't have a great opinion of bees after one caused her to lose a ball game. That changed, though, when she realized how important bees are to the planet.


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