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The Museum will be open on Wednesday, January 28, during regular hours, from 10 am to 5:45 pm. Due to the weather, some programs have been cancelled. Please check here for a full list, and check back for regular updates.

Regular updates will also be posted to our Facebook page and Twitter account (@AMNH).

Grades 3-5



Mermaid Migration

Follow mermaids around the world and throughout history to see first-hand how cultures share and reinterpret mythic creatures.



Early Explorers & Mistaken Identities

Setting sail without a map wasn't the only concern facing European explorers. Their heads had also been filled with tales of monsters lurking in the oceans' depths.



Investigate Mysterious Creatures

The elusive giant squid was first described 500 years ago by Scandinavian sailors. Investigate what we've learned--and what still remains unknown--about this mysterious deep-ocean creature.


Curriculum Collection, Educator Guide

Hall of Human Origins for educators

Humans, like all species, are a product of evolution. Help students understand the evolutionary story of our taxonomic family with this practical and printable exhibit guide.


Curriculum Materials

Spitzer Hall of Human Origins Glossary

What are evolutionary trees? How do hominids differ from primates? And why is it important that humans are capable of symbolic thought? Find out with this guide from "DNA" to "variation."



What's This?

Can you tell the difference between a giraffe's bones and those from a mammoth? Test your knowledge of fossils.



Layers of Time

How do your fossil-sorting skills stack up? Put them to the test with this kid-friendly online puzzle.



What's This?

Can you tell, just by looking at it, if a pygmy loris is a rodent, a primate, or a raccoon's relative? Put your knowledge of Vietnam's animals to the test.



What's this?

Have you ever seen a mermaid wearing a cowboy hat? Or an animal other than a unicorn with a long, spiraled tusk? Put your knowledge of mythic creatures to the test.


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