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Grades 3-5


Reference List

Mammal Booklist

From a journey through the basics of evolution to a look at mammal detectives to a re-creation of the world of prehistoric predators, these kid-friendly book and DVD titles bring to life the world of extreme mammals.


Curriculum Materials

Climate Change Books

From weather experiments to North Pole travel to activities for "citizen scientists," these kid-friendly titles make it easy to explore weather and climate change. 


Hands-on Activity

Make Your Own Paper

Today we take paper for granted, but it was once a treasured item. Discover this ancient secret by making your own paper using everyday items! 



One-on-One with the Sun

Crack reporter Stella Stardust holds another cosmic celebration, this time with the Sun. Meet the medium-sized star with a big following. 



The Milky Way Galaxy

If you think of the entire galaxy as a giant pizza, all the stars you can see from Earth fall within about one pepperoni on that pizza. Find out more fun details about the Milky Way Galaxy. 



In Pictures: Flamingos

Travel to Laguana Grande, Argentina, with the Museum's associate director of biodiversity for an up-close look at flamingos in South America.



Meet the OLogist: Felicity Arengo

From "What do you most enjoy about your work as a scientist?" to "What's your favorite kids book?", find out how conservation biologist Felicity Arengo answered kids' questions 


Image Gallery

In Pictures: Journey to the Stars

In the Milky Way Galaxy alone, there are hundreds of billions of stars. But that hasn't always been the case... Take a look at the life cycle of stars in this photo gallery.


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