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Grades 3-5



What's the Big Idea about Water?

Did you know that all living things need water? Or that the water on Earth today is all we will ever have? Learn more about this precious resource. 



Be an Energy Saver

When it comes to global warming, your day-to-day actionscan make a big difference—if millions of people do it. Find out what you can do to save energy and slow climate change. 



What's the Big Idea About Climate Change?

This isn't the first time Earth's climate has changed, but it's the first time human activity has caused it. Learn more about global warming and how — and why — we should slow it. 



Moving Mammals

Walk, hop, gallop, swim, glide, burrow, and even swing from trees—these are just some of the ways the planet's 5,400 species of mammals move. See how fast, and slow, they can move.



In Pictures: Extreme Mammals

From the extinct Cynognathus and Repenomamus to the plant-eating dugongs and manatees, explore some of Earth's most unusual mammals. 


Image Gallery

In Pictures: Extreme Mammals

From the extinct Cynognathus and Repenomamus to the plant-eating dugongs and manatees, explore some of Earth's most unusual mammals. 



Meet the OLogist: John Flynn

From "What does a paleontologist do?" to "What's your favorite ice cream flavor?", find out how paleontologist John Flynn answered kids' questions.


Hands-on Activity

Mammal Flip Books

How do how gazelles jump straight up into the air from a standstill? And why do dolphins swim differently than fish? Create six fun flipbooks to explore how mammals move!


Hands-on Activity

Super Teeth

What would it be like to bite like a saber-toothed cat? Or to gnaw like a beaver? Explore other mammals' teeth with this matching game and coloring book! 


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