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Grades 3-5



What's the Big Idea About Biodiversity?

It's the differences in this world that make all the difference! Find out why biodiversity is so important to our planet—and what you can do to help protect it.


Hands-on Activity

Genetics Books

Solve a genetic mystery. Climb into a shrinking machine for an amazing expedition. And further explore the gene scene with these seven kid-friendly books.


Curriculum Materials

Paleontology Books

Take a tour of evolution. Discover a dinosaur nesting ground in Patagonia. Travel in the Magic School Bus to Dinosaur Land. And dig up lots of dinosaur facts with these 12 kid-friendly books.


Hands-on Activity

Mesozoic Museum

What would it be like to organize a dinosaur exhibit? Find out by creating your own miniature Mesozoic Museum. Don't forget to invite your friends and family to the opening! 


Hands-on Activity

Build the Big Dipper

To see what the Big Dipper would look like from outer space, build a mobile!



A Closer Look at Mars

Find out what we know about Mars in this online tour of Earth's closest neighbor.


Hands-on Activity

Solar System Scavenger Hunt

Try this on for size: If Earth were the size of your head, then Mercury would be an orange and Jupiter a small car. Size up the planets for yourself with a model scavenger hunt. 


Hands-on Activity

Space Travel Guide

Can you convince your friends to spend the next school break on Pluto? Let your imagination run wild, and write an inspiring work of science fiction. 


Hands-on Activity

Make a DNA Model

Do you know what makes you different from a snail, a tree, or even your best friend? Find out with this hands-on look at genetic code—and build a model that's a million-plus-times larger than life.


Hands-on Activity

DNA in a Blender

Here's a very cool experiment that just might bring a tear to your eye. Use a blender to separate the DNA from an onion. Then hold the genetic material in your hand.


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