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Cosmic Chemistry

What happened after the Big Bang? This comic strip explains the interactions that lead to the creation of stars, planetary nebulas, and supernovas. 

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Scorpions: Friend or Foe?

Did you know a scorpion can control how much venom it produces in its stinger? Meet a scientist who's discovered more than 70 species of scorpions and find out what he's learned about them. 

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Explore Mythic Creatures with a Field Journal

What mythic creatures are new to you? Are some made up of different animal parts? And do dragons mean different things to Asian and European cultures? Find out with this exhibition investigation. 

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Wildlife Detective

The crime scene: a New York City airport. The suspect: a handbag and shoe importer who claims his products were made from an unprotected type of crocodile. The call for help: conservation geneticist George Amato at the AMNH. 


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