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Hayden Planetarium Programs

NASA Sun/Earth Day

March 22, 2014


Join us as we explore the special relationship between Earth and the Sun and learn about the delicate balance that makes our planet the perfect place to call home. Talk with scientists, look through telescopes, and engage in hands-on activities at this family-friendly event.

On the same day, adults can participate in a special one-day course on climate change.

Schedule of Events

Exploration Stations | Noon – 5pm
Hall of the Universe
Hall of Planet Earth
Learn more about Earth and our Sun with these hands-on activities.

GEODOME | Noon – 5 pm
School Group Boarding Area
Join Astronomy educators for an immersive look at our solar system in this portable planetarium.
Noon: Seasons
12:30 pm: Eclipses
1:00 pm: Magnetic Fields
1:30 pm: Goldilocks
2:30 pm: Scale of the Solar System
3:00 pm: Eclipses
3:30 pm: Goldilocks
4:00 pm: Seasons
4:30 pm: Scale of the Solar System

Telescopes Viewing | Noon – 4pm
Join members of the Amateur Astronomers Association for solar observations.

Aurora Borealis 3D | Noon – 5pm
Black Hole Theater
Director Ikuo Nakamura presents 3D footage of the Aurora Borealis.   

The Earth, As It Is in Space | 5 and 5:30 pm
Hayden Planetarium Special Presentation
While the Sun's radiant energy drives our climate and daily weather systems, Earth's outer semi-fluid core generates the protective magnetic field that diverts the potentially hazardous solar wind made up of charged particles. Come see the majestic form of Earth's magnetosphere visualized from data otherwise invisible to our eyes, plus the unparalleled beauty of the most diverse and necessary planetary system we call home our home planet.

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