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Veronique Robigou


Veronique Robigou

You don't need to leave Earth to find life forms that can exist in the harshest of environments. This marine geologist discusses the exciting research being done at the bottom of the ocean.

weather-conditions-over the deep seas


Weather Conditions Over the Deep Seas

What does it take to send a crew to the bottom of the ocean? A sub with 14-inch-thick walls made of a titanium-steel alloy—and a day of calm seas to ensure smooth diving. 

how deep is deep_thumb

How Deep is Deep?

Dive down, down, and down a whole lot more—until you've traveled 2,400 meters to the sea floor. Can you picture how deep that really is? Compare it with the height of famous landmarks, and you will.



Cindy Lee Van Dover

For oceanographers, the work they do at sea is just the beginning. Learn more about the discoveries made by one scientist who completed more than 100 dives to the sea floor.



Hydrothermal Vent Formation

Submarine hot springs, called hydrothermal vents, spew out mineral-rich hot water. What do scientists hope to learn by tracking the temperature variations around these vents for an entire year?



Dispatch from the Deep: Home Again

From Pennsylvania to the Pacific Ocean and back again. Experience the final day of an expedition to study deep sea vents with this eyewitness account, and learn what came of the research.



One REVEL Teacher, Many Monkeys Fists

What are "monkey's fists" doing out at sea? This type of seaman's knot is being used to deploy deep sea thermometers. Find out if this teacher AND her fists get to travel to the ocean floor.


Article, Online Resource

Case Study: John Michell And Black Holes

Imagine gravity so strong that even light is contained by its force. When a country parson first described black holes in 1783, the concept was so ahead of its time that it was mostly ignored.


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