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Grades 6-8



What Do You Know About Archaeology?

How much do you know about what it takes to dig up the past? Examine the details in each question closely to ace this interactive quiz on archaeology. 


Hands-on Activity

Piecing It All Together

Ornate jewelry, simple baskets, stone tools ... these are just some of the artifacts archaeologists have uncovered among ancient ruins. But one of the most common discoveries is pottery. 



Meet the ArchaeOLogists

Archaeologists are detectives who gather clues to the past. Discover the intriguing facts and artifacts that Chuck, Alexis, Ian, Jena, and Kellner have unearthed while following their curiosity.


Hands-on Activity

Making a Field Journal

Field journals are incredibly important to researchers. In fact, many can't imagine doing science without them. Learn how to create your own valuable journal.



The Ancient City of Petra

Petra was built by Arabian nomads who became very rich as desert traders. But why did these nomadic merchants decide to settle down in one place? Explore the mystery while strolling through Petra's ruins. 


Reference List

Archaeology Books

Uncover ancient mysteries. Learn how trees keep records of the past. Travel centuries ahead in time to look back at the U.S. And dig into archaeology with these six kid-friendly books.


Hands-on Activity

Make Your Own Archaeology Stationery

Looking for an easy way to make sure your letters and notes withstand the test of time? Simply add your name and address—and anything else you want to say—to these colorful letterheads.



What's the Big Idea About Archaeology?

For archaeologists, each discovery is like finding a piece of the puzzle. With enough pieces, they can glimpse what life was like long ago. Get a complete picture of how archaeologists work. 


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