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Grades 6-8



In Pictures: Flamingos

Travel to Laguana Grande, Argentina, with the Museum's associate director of biodiversity for an up-close look at flamingos in South America.



Meet the OLogist: Felicity Arengo

From "What do you most enjoy about your work as a scientist?" to "What's your favorite kids book?", find out how conservation biologist Felicity Arengo answered kids' questions 


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In Pictures: Journey to the Stars

In the Milky Way Galaxy alone, there are hundreds of billions of stars. But that hasn't always been the case... Take a look at the life cycle of stars in this photo gallery.


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In Pictures: Climate Change

Burning fossil fuels like coal and oil provide the energy that we need … but also contribute to climate change. Find out more about Earth's warming climate, its consequences, and what we can do.



In Pictures: Fossils

What was Earth like millions of years ago? Explore fossil evidence about our planet’s past to discover how different Earth once looked. 



In Pictures: Fascinating Fish

Travel to Africa's lower Congo River with ichthyologist Melanie Stiassny, and explore one of the most diverse fish communities in the world.



Meet the OLogist: Ed Mathez

From Greenland to South Africa to the bottom of ocean, Ed Mathez has journeyed to study rocks. Find out where his interest began and what he’s discovered on his travels.



Meet the OLogist: Ross MacPhee

Ross MacPhee has always loved dirt. To him it means the opportunity to find lost things — from bones and teeth to pirate treasure. Learn more about what he’s discovered recently.


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