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Grades 6-8



Meet the OLogist: George Amato

Tracking a gorilla can get hairy. Literally. Just ask George Amato, who collects hair from endangered eastern lowland gorillas to study their DNA.



Silk Road Fables

As merchants, missionaries, and other travelers made their way between the cities of Asia, they told stories. See three of the tales that traveled the Silk Road. 



Sounds of the Silk Road

Because travelers along the Silk Road often spoke different languages, music was a good way from them to communicate. Sample some of the music they shared.


Young Naturalist Awards Essay

Bear Brook: Strong Evidence of Pollution

To the human eye, Bear Brook seemed devoid of life. But was that really the case? See how this young naturalist investigated the brook's ability to sustain life.



Race to the South Pole

Check out this scrapbook to explore an amazing race that took place a century ago. Two teams of men raced across Antarctica to be the first to reach the South Pole.


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