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Grades 6-8



The Chemistry of Deep Sea Vents

Valuable ore deposits of iron, copper, and zinc—all formed by deep sea vents and thrust up onto land. If you want to know how mineral deposits are formed, look to the ocean.



Under Pressure

Why does pressure increase the deeper you go in the ocean? And does this building pressure change the way water flows? Fill a soda bottle with plain water, and find out. 



Sinking Water

If you've spent even a few hours in a pool, you know that the deep end is colder than the shallow. But do you know why? Experiment with colored ice cubes for insight into water density.



Simple Submarine

Plop, plop. Fizz, fizz. Dive, dive. Build your own mini submarines for a deeper look at how they work. No expensive supplies required—just Alka Seltser tablets and household objects.


Classroom Activity

Functions of Feathers

Feathers serve many purposes, only one of which is flight. Examine their contours along with down feathers, semiplumes, and bristles.


Classroom Activity

Seeing the Light

This simple experiment eases the task of understanding daily and seasonal cycles of day and night. See firsthand why the length of daylight changes along with your location on Earth.


Classroom Activity

Blindfolded Walk

Without your eyes to guide—and possibly distract—you, what would you notice that you otherwise might not have? Enlist the help of a few friends, and find out.



Site Report

Not sure how to describe your field site? This one-page site report will help you note the important details, from area and average elevation to human-made and natural topography.



Responsible Collecting

Collecting specimens is necessary for studying and documenting new species—making responsible collecting all the more important. Find out how you can practice it.



Collecting Plants

The New York Botanical Garden has plant specimens that date back to the Lewis and Clark expedition of 1804-1806. What better place to learn how to protect and store your botanical treasures?


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