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Grades 6-8



Journey to a Black Hole

If you could take a trip to a black hole, would you? Before you answer, take a peek at what you'd encounter. The trip certainly would qualify as adventure travel!


Curriculum Materials

Culture as Self-Expression

Every November, millions of people celebrate Thanksgiving Day in the U.S. ... in a cornucopia of different ways. Look at the role personal expression plays in shaping culture. 



Go on a Genetic Journey Quiz

Can you curl your tongue? Do you have a "hitchhiker's thumb?" Investigate which of these four traits you share—and which of them are rare. 


Staff Profile

Frozen in Time (Science World)

Meet an AMNH scientist who manages one of the world's largest frozen tissue collections. Then take a peek inside her cryovats, where animals on the brink of extinction remain frozen in time. 


Curriculum Materials

Transformation of the Biosphere: Human Health

Did you know only 10 percent of people in rural Madagascar have access to safe drinking water? Or that Africa has the worst infant mortality rate? Take a global look at important health issues. 


Curriculum Materials

Transformation of the Bioshpere: Deforestation

Today, at least 16 million hectares of forests are lost each year to timber harvesting and the conversion of forests to farmland. See the dramatic decline of the Earth's original forest cover.



Arthropod Jeopardy

Answer: This arthropod may not be welcome at picnics, but it does help clean up the world by eating dead insects. Question: What is an ant? Turn your arthropod knowledge into a game of Jeopardy.

Reference List

Deep Sea Vents Reading List

From the discovery of the Titanic to the undersea riches of black smokers, a number of magazine articles have taken a close look at deep sea vents. Get a guide to the best deep sea reads.


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