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Grades 6-8

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Deep Sea Vents Reading List

From the discovery of the Titanic to the undersea riches of black smokers, a number of magazine articles have taken a close look at deep sea vents. Get a guide to the best deep sea reads.



Secret Species (Science World)

In the 10 years since the Museum's Center for Biodiversity and Conservation began working in Vietnam, they have found a small zoo's worth of animals. Meet some of these newly discovered species.


Curriculum Materials

Transformation of the Biosphere: Introduced Species

It's not just humans who have jetted to remote regions of the world. For better or worse, international commerce and air travel have helped the global exchange of species and the spread of disease.



Bio Poll

If you could bring back an extinct bird, which would it be? Make your opinion count!



Nature Explorations

No matter what the weather or season, you can explore nature with these 11 challenges. See just how good your observation skills are by comparing butterflies, leaves, reptiles, fish, and more. Then record your own observations in a field journal.



Calculating a Biodiversity Index

A Biodiversity Index gives scientists a concrete, uniform way to talk about and compare the biodiversity of different areas. Learn how to calculate this number yourself.


Curriculum Materials

Field Guides

Whether you want a general-purpose field guide or one that focuses on insects native to your corner of the world, you're sure to find the perfect guide in this list of more than 20 titles.


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