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Grades 9-12



Case Study: Neutrino Observatories

Update your image of astronomers. Today they spend most of their time peering into computer screens rather than through the eyepiece of a telescope. Learn what this new vantage point has gained them.

Figure 10: Orange Wingate Sandstone


A Beach Walk in New Mexico

While planting strawberries in her backyard, this freshman from New Mexico discovered a fossilized seashell. Follow along as she searches for evidence of her state's watery past.

Norway maple leaves on the verge of turning to autumn color


Alien Plant Invaders

Armed with mug shots of New York's top 20 plant invaders, this junior began an expedition in her backyard. How many of these non-native invasive plants had already gained a foothold?

Figure 10: A sketch of the outside and inside of a Douglas fir cone.


Salmon Creek: A Search for the Missing Salmon

One hundred years ago, salmon were so plentiful that children could stack them along the banks like firewood. This seventh-grader wanted to know what happened to all the salmon in Salmon Creek.

Red-eared slider


Turtle Basking in New York City

With so many rocks to choose from, why were the turtles sticking to this group of three, some piling on top of one another? Follow along as this ninth-grader from New York investigates basking behavior.


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