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Grades 9-12


Young Naturalist Awards Essay

Birds of a Feather Feed Together

We humans certainly have feeding preferences, but what about birds? This young naturalist decided to use feeding preferences as a way to investigate the native bird species in her area.


Young Naturalist Awards Essay

The Toads of Delaware County

The discovery of a huge toad set this young naturalist on a path to investigate these amphibians and their life cycle. See what he learned about the Eastern American toad.


Young Naturalist Awards Essay

A Survey of the Birds of Indroda Nature Park in Gujarat, India

In the summer of 2006, I spent a month in Gujarat, in western India, visiting family. It was the middle of June, but in India summer was coming to a close. Every living thing was waiting for the monsoon rains to arrive and put an end to the infernal heat. It was perhaps not the best time of year to study birds, but for an apartment-dwelling, sun-deprived Connecticut bird enthusiast, any time was good enough for a field trip.


Young Naturalist Awards Essay

Lichens as Indicators of Vehicle Pollution

Can different lichen species be used as indicators of traffic contamination in his town? Find out what this young naturalist discovered when he set out to answer that question.


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