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Grades 9-12

Introducing the DNA Datasets main image

Classroom Activity, Educator Guide

Introducing the DNA Datasets

Use the DNA datasets to discuss the necessity of data manipulation and visualization.

Working with Droppings main image

Classroom Activity, Educator Guide

DNA from Droppings

This discussion explores why Dr. Epps collected droppings from all over the bighorn sheep range.

Using Data to Make Claims main image

Classroom Activity, Educator Guide

Using Data to Make Claims

Students examine their data and think about what claims they can make.

Representing the Data on a Map main image

Classroom Activity, Educator Guide

Representing the Data on a Map

Students transfer their data, and their predictions of where the highways are, to a larger class size map.

bighorn sheep

Educator Guide, Science Bulletins

Highways Block Bighorn Sheep

This Science Bulletin, Highways Block Bighorn Sheep, is based on the scientific research of Clinton Epps. He was interested in understanding if highways built to connect Los Angeles and Las Vegas might affect bighorn sheep populations.

Southern California Highway

Lesson Plan

Highways Impact

This slideshow provides background information on the human motivation for building large highways in the region occupied by the bighorn sheep.

Colored Popsicle Sticks

Classroom Activity

Using DNA to Detect Isolated Populations

Use popsicle sticks, M&Ms or other colored tokens to demonstrate how DNA can be used to determine whether populations are isolated from one another.

food web after

Educator Guide, Lesson Plan

Chesapeake Bay Today

Students analyze the food web of today’s Chesapeake Bay with large-scale fishing.


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