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Grades 9-12

salted eggplant


Salt and Plant Cells

Salting an eggplant demonstrates the effect of salt on plant cells. 

Baltimore winter

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Baltimore Winters

Baltimore and the Northeast receive high amounts of snowfall. These areas use road salt to help melt the snow and ice.

Baltimore runoff warning sign


How Can We Test?

A discussion on how to test the relationship between winter roads and salty streams.

Sujay Kaushal in the field


Scientist Profile: Dr. Sujay Kaushal

Video profile of Dr. Sujay Kaushal, who studies the ecology of watersheds.  Includes discussion questions about scientific practice and science as a human endeavor.



The Formation of the Solar System

About 4.6 billion years ago, our solar system came into being. This comic strip explains the processes that led to the creation of the planets and the asteroid belt. 



Cosmic Chemistry

What happened after the Big Bang? This comic strip explains the interactions that lead to the creation of stars, planetary nebulas, and supernovas. 


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