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Grades 9-12



One Gigantic Mystery (Science World)

Recently, a giant squid was photographed for the first time. Before that, no one had ever seen a living specimen. See how scientists have gone about studying this elusive creature.



All That Glitters (Science World)

Did you know that all of the mined gold in the world could easily fit inside your school's gym? Find out what it takes to turn this precious metal into trophies and jewelry.



Plant Inventory

With an entire habitat in front of them, how do scientists actually inventory the entire site? Find out their tricks of the trade; then apply the principles to your own small site.



Arthropod Morphology : Metamorphosis

Chances are you know that butterflies and moths go through a metamorphosis. But did you know that the same is true for silverfish? Learn more about the two types of arthropod metamorphosis.



Coming to Life (SuperScience)

What does it take to create realistic exhibits like the ones featured in Night at the Museum? Meet the exhibition project manager who's in change of the Museum's dioramas.



Twig Twins

A twig is just a twig—or is it? You can identify a plant, tree, or shrub just by closely observing one small part of it. After this activity, you'll never again dismiss a twig.


Classroom Activity

Describing Oak Leaves

Test your classification skills with this leafy challenge. Examine drawings of 12 oak leaves, and see if you can determine the common and scientific name for each one of the dozen.


Classroom Activity

Name That Critter

Can you name the mystery arthropod named for its hundred-some legs? More important, do you know what physical and behavioral characteristics it shares with a shrimp or honeybee?



Warming Signs (Science World)

Earth's climate is changing, and according to scientists today's kids will bear the brunt of the potentially damaging affects of a warmer world. Find out how scientists are preparing now for the potential negative consequences.


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