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Hudson Roditi


Urban Advantage Program Director

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  • State University of New York at Stony Brook, Ph.D. 2000
  • State University of New York at New Paltz, B.S. 1994
  • Cornell University, B.A. 1988Vassar College, B.A., 1996

Professional Interests

As program director of the Urban Advantage Middle School Science Initiative, Dr. Roditi coordinates a consortium of eight New York City science-rich cultural institutions. The Urban Advantage program is comprised of over 130 middle schools, 350 teachers and 35,000 students. Dr. Roditi’s graduate work in Coastal Oceanography focused on the invasion of the exotic invasive zebra mussel in the freshwater Hudson River, and specifically the modeling of trace element and metal accumulation in the tissues of the mussels. Prior to coming to AMNH he was Latin American and Caribbean Regional Director for the GLOBE Program, designing professional development workshops for teachers in Spanish and French in many countries in Latin America and Africa. Since 2004 he has co-taught a year-long science course at Bank Street College called the Kerlin Science Institute which is designed for in-service teachers and focuses on both science content and constructivist pedagogy.


  • Roditi, H.A., N.S. Fisher, and S.A. Sañudo-Wilhelmy. 2000. Uptake of dissolved organic carbon and trace elements by zebra mussels. Nature 407: 78-80
  • Roditi, H.A., N.S. Fisher, and S.A. Sañudo-Wilhelmy. 2000. Field testing a metal bioaccumulation model for zebra mussels. Environmental Science and Technology 34: 2817- 2825
  • Roditi, H.A., and N.S. Fisher. 1999. Rates and routes of trace element uptake in zebra mussels. Limnology and Oceanography 44: 1730-1749
  • Roditi, H.A., D.L. Strayer, and S.E.G. Findlay. 1997. Characteristics of zebra mussel (Dreissena polymorpha) biodeposits in a tidal freshwater estuary. Archiv fur Hydrobiologi 140(2):207-219
  • Roditi, H.A., N.M. Caraco, J.J. Cole, and D.L. Strayer. 1996. Filtration of Hudson River water by the zebra mussel (Dreissena polymorpha). Estuaries 19(4):824-832

Teaching Experience

  • Adjunct Faculty, Queens College, 2005 - Applied Earth Systems Science (Geology 599.3)
  • Adjunct Faculty, Bank Street College, 2004 to present
  • Earth Science Kerlin Institute (NSCI 500, Educ 850-852), 2004, 2005
  • Astronomy Kerlin Science Institute (NSCI 500, Educ 850-852), 2005
  • Living Environment Kerlin Science Institute (NSCI 500, Educ 850-852), 2006, 2007
  • Physics Kerlin Science Institute (NSCI 500, Educ 850-852), 2006, 2007
  • Life Science Kerlin Institute (NSCI 500, Educ 850-852), 2010, 2011


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