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MAT Class of 2013 Graduation Photo

Graduation Ceremony

MAT Class of 2013

Meet the MAT Class of 2013

Students in AMNH's first class of Master's candidates hailed from as far away as California and as nearby as Queens. They included recent college graduates and professionals who left other careers to join our program. They are from a range of backgrounds and Earth science disciplines, from geology to meteorology to environmental engineering. What brought them together is a passion for science and a belief that they can change the world by becoming great Earth science teachers. We asked a few of them to tell us why they picked the MAT program at AMNH, and what they love about it:


What has been your favorite part of the AMNH MAT program so far?
Katie Warner Image

Katie W.

My favorite part of the MAT program so far is the number of professionals I’ve been introduced to. Alongside my accomplished colleagues, I’ve met scientists and curators who have created some of the Museum’s best exhibits. We’ve also been introduced to NYC’s top educators, some of whom I now work with in my school residency. On top of that, the experts in pedagogy who advise us regularly have assisted me to a degree that I believe no other MAT program can offer. The small cohort size makes a real difference, my peers and I support one another and have a classmate bond that I’m sure doesn’t exist in other programs.


Todd Whelen Image

Todd W.

My favorite part of the AMNH program so far is the unbelievable opportunity to be taught by some of the brightest scientists in the world. The atmosphere and the knowledge that I have gained is priceless. Also, the cohort is a great mix of personalities and backgrounds, and we have become very good friends. The relationships that we have gained will continue our entire careers and beyond.


Christina Lee Image

Christina L.

My favorite part of the program was working with students over the summer at the Museum. It was such a privilege to be able to assist and design lesson plans for highly motivated students that had such an interest in science. It was a luxury and an amazing opportunity to utilize the Museum resources daily during their lessons. It isn't common to teach a lesson on dinosaurs and then be able to take the students everyday to see the bones of that exact dinosaur. The Museum has grown to become one of my favorite places.


Melissa Shumer Image

Melissa S.

The AMNH MAT program immediately attracted my attention for the opportunity to study in a beloved and premier museum with an entire cohort of earth science enthusiasts. It is exciting to be involved with a new way to train science teachers. The Museum's resources to support pre-service teachers are exceptional. 


Kristen Lapenta Image

Kristen L.

I was drawn to the MAT program at the Museum because I knew that I wanted to teach, but I also knew that I wanted to be part of a program that offered me the opportunity to study at the Museum. The idea of spending a year in a residency program instead of three semesters in class and one student teaching seemed like it would be a much more worthwhile experience than a standard program.




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