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Pre-K to Grade 2

Curriculum Materials

Lizards & Snakes Online Resources

Search a database with more than 8,300 reptile species. Learn about amphibian biology and conservation. Review the evolutionary history of squamates. And find hands-on science activities.


Curriculum Materials

GOLD Online Resources

Explore the McLaughlin gold mine in Northern California. See the first metal coins, which were created in the Middle East around 600 BC. And investigate the properties of gold.

Curriculum Materials

Mythic Creatures Online Resources

Continue tracking mythic creatures through the art they've inspired and the science they've helped shape with this collection of related Web sites.


Curriculum Materials

Spitzer Hall of Human Origins Glossary

What are evolutionary trees? How do hominids differ from primates? And why is it important that humans are capable of symbolic thought? Find out with this guide from "DNA" to "variation."



Living on Ice

Can you solve these four chilly puzzles about how people and animals live in the Arctic? Put your story telling skills to the test and collect new OLogy trading cards. 


Reference List

Water Books for Kids

From the day in the life of a pond to a trip through the NYC water supply system, examine the world’s most precious resource with these kid-friendly titles.


Hands-on Activity

Arctic Story Puzzles

Life in the icy Arctic isn't so hard if you're prepared! Solve the puzzle of how people and polar bears live in a land of ice. 


Hands-on Activity

Super Teeth

What would it be like to bite like a saber-toothed cat? Or to gnaw like a beaver? Explore other mammals' teeth with this matching game and coloring book! 


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