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Earth Science Themed Essays


Earth Science Themed Essays

1999 Winning Essays

Twelve winning essays from the 1999 contest year of the Young Naturalist Awards by students from grade 7 - 12. With geology as the focus, students observed and reported on the geology of their own regions and of the world.


Young Naturalist Awards Essay

My Fish-Shaped Home: A History of Changes

Did you know that Long Island was once part of a chain of volcanoes? Or that it was part of the tropics—and faced south? Step back in time with this seventh-grader for a look at the forces that shaped this giant sandbar.


Young Naturalist Awards Essay

As India's Plates Collide

"Suddenly, Earth began shaking and quickly got louder by the second." This seventh-grader from New York paints a vivid picture of earthquakes, from how they form to contemporary safety measures.


Young Naturalist Awards Essay

Reading the Rocks in Cold Spring Harbor, New York

After 200 years and the mining of 106 million tons of iron, the Cornwall iron mine was closed. Yet, as this 10th-grader from Pennsylvania argues, the site's geologic importance is far from over.


Young Naturalist Awards Essay

When Disaster Strikes

An earthquake prediction when she was young peaked the interest of this eighth-grader from Michigan. While the earthquake never occurred, her fascination continues to this day.


Young Naturalist Awards Essay

Rocks of Roane County, West Virginia

The meandering stream that carved West Virginia's natural land bridge also helped create diverse layers of rock at its foundation. Tour the area's geological past with this ninth-grader.


Young Naturalist Awards Essay

Reading the Rocks at Cornwall, Pennsylvania

See how a day of collecting rocks on the north shore of Long Island turned into an exploration of the Earth's history for this eighth-grader from New York.


Young Naturalist Awards Essay

Makoshika Badlands Rocks

Getting lost "somewhere between North Dakota and Montana" during a family road trip led this 11th-grader from Wisconsin to a picturesque landscape, rich with geologic discoveries.


Young Naturalist Awards Essay

The New Madrid Seismic Zone

For three months in the early 1800s, earthquakes shook two pioneer towns in Missouri—and permanently changed the course of the Mississippi River. Relive that time with this 12th-grader from Wisconsin.

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