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YNA 2001 Winners Hero

Twelve winning essays from the YNA 2001 contest year

2001 Award Winners

Twelve winning essays from the 2001 contest year of the Young Naturalist Awards by students from grade 7 - 12. Students researched and reported on a variety of scientific issues from the geology of the Palisades in New Jersey to the small mammals of the Big Horn Mountains in Wyoming.


Young Naturalist Awards Essay

Tide Pools and the Life Within Them

Wade through the tide pools of Doheny State Beach with this seventh-grader from California, and discover the many animals that thrive in this ever-changing world of sand and surf.


Young Naturalist Awards Essay

An Essential Mineral

At 1,292 feet (394 meters) below sea level, the Dead Sea is the lowest point on Earth. But it's not the depth but the sea's saltiness that buoyed the imagination of this seventh-grader from New York.


Young Naturalist Awards Essay

Nesting Habits of the Barn Swallow (Hirunda rustica)

This eighth-grader from New Mexico studied the nest-building practices of barn swallows. Along with discovering the Anasazi-pueblo-like construction of their nests, she saw some quirky musical behavior.


Young Naturalist Awards Essay

Bog Trotting

What turns a pond into an acid, waterlogged peat bog? Poor drainage and thousands of years, for starters. Go bog trotting with this eighth-grader from New Hampshire to learn more about the process.


Young Naturalist Awards Essay

A Day at the (Barrier) Beach: My Expedition to Sandy Hook

Which has more oxygen: ocean water that has been aerated by turbulence, or bay water that has been fed by oxygen-producing plants? This ninth-grader from New Jersey learns that getting the answer is not all that easy!


Young Naturalist Awards Essay

How Do Humans and Plants Interact in Tidal Wetlands?

How is cordgrass able to survive the high salinity of a marsh when other plants can't? An amazing adaptation that lets it secrete excess salt, as this ninth-grader from Virginia discovered.


Young Naturalist Awards Essay

Exploring a Woodlot's Ecosystem

Chances are you've heard the saying "There's no such thing as a free lunch." But did you know that it's one of fundamental laws of ecology? Explore all four with this tenth-grader from Wisconsin.


Young Naturalist Awards Essay

Birding Sector 7

Set your alarm for 2 a.m., and trek along with this 11th-grader from Pennsylvania on the 102nd Christmas Bird Count. You'll start the day at Mingo Creek County Park. Be sure to wear a hat!


Young Naturalist Awards Essay

Tardigrades as Environmental Bio-Indicators

Six years ago, the bear-like appearance of these microscopic organisms hooked this 12th-grader from Iowa. Learn how her interest then took her to Greenland with a team of prestigious scientists.

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