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2008 Winning Essays

Thirteen winning essays from the 2008 contest year of the Young Naturalist Awards by students from grade 7 - 12. Winning essays ranged from an investigation into the health of Chesapeake Bay to grasshopper adaptations in sub-alpine regions of the Rockies to a study of solitary bee nesting preferences.


Young Naturalist Awards Essay

Irrigation or Evaporation?

This young naturalist set out to determine if irrigation or evaporation played a bigger role in dropping water levels in his neighborhood lake.


Young Naturalist Awards Essay

Birds of a Feather Feed Together

We humans certainly have feeding preferences, but what about birds? This young naturalist decided to use feeding preferences as a way to investigate the native bird species in her area.


Young Naturalist Awards Essay

Juvenile Blue Crab Cannibalism

Habitat destruction and overfishing aren’t the only obstacles faced in trying to increase the Chesapeake Bay’s blue crab population. Investigate the destructive role cannibalism plays in captive habitats.


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