Seminars on Science is the American Museum of Natural History's online professional development program for educators.

Since 2000, Seminars on Science has engaged thousands of educators around the world in cutting-edge research and provided them with powerful classroom resources.

The program offers thirteen online graduate courses in the life, Earth, and physical sciences. Each course is rich in essays, images, videos, interactive simulations and vibrant discussions that connect learners to the Museum's scientists, laboratories, expeditions and specimens. Graduate credit is available for all courses through partnerships with eight colleges and universities.

Independent evaluation shows that educators come away from Seminars on Science courses with a deeper understanding of science content and scientific inquiry, and put our digital resources to effective use in their classrooms. They also prefer Seminars on Science to locally available professional development programs.

All Seminars on Science courses correlate with the National Science Education Standards. To accommodate the busy schedules of working educators, we offer courses throughout the year.

Seminars on Science courses are approved for professional development by:

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Program Features

Courses are co-taught by an experienced educator and a research scientist.
Courses may be taken for graduate credits through leading institutions.
Courses have rich content that you can use on your ownor in your classroom.

Courses takes place over six weeks, with a seventh week available for the completion of assignments.
Courses are approved for inclusion in graduate degree programs through several universities.
Courses have vibrant discussions that can be accessed any time and any place where internet access is available, keeping learners connected.


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