Location: Alamosa, Colorado

Non-Degree Students

  1. Please register and pay for the course at the AMNH website.
  2. Print and review the four-page Adams State checklist and information regarding the university's grading process and final project requirements.
  3. Register for ASC graduate credit online or by calling 1-800-548-6679.
  4. Complete the Seminars on Science course work. (The majority of assessment levels must read approaches expectations, meets expectations, or exceeds expectations.)
  5. Complete the ASC synthesis paper assignment (instructions on page 3 of the Adams State form).
  6. Complete the ASC student evaluation form (see page 4).
  7. Within 90 days of course completion, mail, fax, or email the following items:
    1. A copy of your Seminars on Science final project.
    2. A copy of your Seminars on Science assessment.
    3. Your ASC synthesis paper (see page 3).
    4. Your ASC student evaluation form (see page 4).
Cost Information

AMNH course cost: $495
ASC course cost: $270
(3 graduate credits, $90 each)

Total cost: $765

AMNH one-time registration fee: $25

Contact Info: Adams State University
(800) 548-6679
Contact Info: Seminars on Science
(800) 649-6715