Location: New York, New York

Degree Students and Alumni

  1. Register and pay for the course. The $495 fee is payable to the American Museum of Natural History.

  2. After completing your registration with the American Museum of Natural History, download, print, and follow instructions to complete the Bank Street Registration Form (Plug-in required: Download Adobe Acrobat).

  3. Mail or fax your course registration to Bank Street College at least two weeks before the courses begin. Graduate credit is $240 per course, payable to Bank Street College. Send completed registration form to:

    Meghan Chvirko
    Assistant Registrar
    Bank Street College of Education
    610 West 112th Street
    New York, NY 10025
    Fax: (212) 878-4677

  4. To receive graduate credit, you must receive a final assessment of "Approaches Expectations" or above on the Seminars on Science rubric.
Cost Information

AMNH course cost: $495
BSC course cost: $240
(3 graduate credits, $80 each)

Total cost: $735

AMNH one-time registration fee: $25

Contact Info: Bank Street College of Education
(212) 875-4687
Contact Info: Seminars on Science
(800) 649-6715