Location: New York, New York

Non-Degree Students

  1. Register for Seminars on Science courses via the American Museum of Natural History Website.

  2. In order to earn graduate credit from SPS, download the CUNY School of Professional Studies registration form for non-CUNY students here. If you are not already enrolled at CUNY, you will also need to pay a one-time $70 application fee. Return the form with a check payable to the CUNY School of Professional Studies for $720 per course (plus the $70 fee if applicable) to:

    CUNY School of Professional Studies
    Attn: Associate Registrar
    101 West 31st Street
    Suite 905
    New York, NY 10001

    Registrations must be received prior to the third week of your course.
    For more information call: (212) 652-2869.

  3. Ask the institution that awarded you your BA/BS to send a transcript of prior baccalaureate study directly to the CUNY SPS address listed above. They may charge an additional fee for this service. The SPS registrar must receive your transcript before the final class session.

Graduate Credit Requirements

You will receive specific course requirements, SPS Academic Policies, and additional information after registration. After successfully completing the course, you will receive an SPS transcript.

Cost Information

AMNH course cost: $495
CUNY course cost: $720
Total cost: $1215

AMNH one-time registration fee: $25
CUNY one-time application fee: $70

Contact Info: City University of New York
(212) 652-2869
Contact Info: Seminars on Science
(800) 649-6715