The Link Between Dinosaurs and Birds


Inverness Research Inc. is a national, independent educational research organization that assessed the Seminars on Science program over an eight year period. Their evaluation reveals that educators achieve a deeper understanding on science through these courses, mastering significant new material, gaining a better sense of how science is conducted, and aquired valuable classroom materials. Here are some highlights of the course evaluation for this course.

Course Experience

79% of teachers say the course "was more valuable than other professional development available to me locally"

74% of teachers say the course "rekindled my passion for science and the work of scientists"

Content and Resources

"My students were always disinterested when I taught a unit on taxonomy. But teaching about dinosaur evolution—for instance, the adaptations that became a basis for flight—changed their interest and deepened their understanding."
AP Biology and Physics teacher
What do teachers gain for their own learning from the course?

79% "Gain motivation to continue learning about the course topics on their own"

74% "Gain a bank of resources for their own learning"

Interaction and Instruction

67% of teachers say the course "provided me with hands-on, inquiry learning that can serve as a good model for [what I] can have students do"

"This summer online course was a perfect fit between courses required for my degree program. ...I was able to attain graduate level credit that was transferable to my degree program." —rural combined middle-high school science teacher

Further Reading

You can explore the complete evaluation results from Inverness Research Inc. by downloading these reports (PDF):

Inverness Research Inc. is based in Inverness, CA and provides insight into the design, quality and effectiveness of educational improvement initiatives.