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About the Institution

Hamline University is a nationally ranked, comprehensive university with more than 4,000 students in its undergraduate, law, education, graduate liberal studies and business schools. Three graduate credits are awarded for each successfully-completed AMNH course through Hamline's School of Education and are applicable to Masters Degrees and Certificates in Natural Science/ Environmental Education. Credit can be given through Hamline only for AMNH courses taken within the past year.

Hamline University is offering 3 semester-hour graduate credits for successful completion of the following Seminars on Science online science courses from the American Museum of Natural History.

To receive Hamline graduate credit, you must register by the end of Week 6 of your Seminars on Science course. Please read Hamline's residency requirements for course credit.

Current Degree Students Non-degree Students Read the policies.
Graduate Credit Highlights

Additional cost $480 (non-degree students)
3 graduate credits
Part of a MAEd program*
Please Note

Talk to your graduate school advisor for information about transferring credits
Check your state education requirements to verify these courses will be accepted for certification
Enroll for your course through your registrar if you are a current degree student at Hamline
Registration for graduate credit must be received within one year of completion of your AMNH course

Courses Available for Graduate Credit

The Brain: Structure, Function and Evolution
Course ID SCED 6170
Climate Change
Earth and Environmental Science
Course ID SCED 6159
The Diversity of Fishes
Classification, Anatomy and Morphology
Course ID SCED 6117
Earth: Inside and Out
Dynamic Earth Systems
Course ID SCED 6100
Modern Evolutionary Biology
Course ID SCED 6148
Genetics, Genomics, Genethics
Molecular Biology
Course ID SCED 6105
In the Field with Spiders
Classification, Anatomy and Morphology
Course ID SCED 6114
The Link Between Dinosaurs and Birds
Evolution & Classification
Course ID SCED 6110
The Ocean System
Integrated Science
Course ID SCED 6115
Sharks and Rays
Ecology, Classification and Evolution
Course ID SCED 6113
The Solar System
Earth and Space Science
Course ID SCED 6147
Space, Time and Motion
Physical Science
Course ID SCED 6099
Environmental Science
Course ID SCED 6088

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