Sharks and Rays

Course Preview

What's inside a Seminars on Science online course? Take a test drive with these samples from Sharks and Rays to get a better sense of what's involved in the course.

Rich Resources

The following are examples of the high-quality, exciting resources that are a part of Seminars on Science. Most of them, from essays to videos, have been written and produced specifically for this course.

Sample Interactive:

Engaging Discussions

Discussion forums are at the heart of the Seminars on Science learning model. Throughout the course, you will have the chance to interact with a PhD scientist who is active in the field, to ask questions and help answer them, and to learn what your classmates think about weekly topics.

Sample Discussion:

World-Class Faculty

Each course draws upon the expertise of an authoring scientist from the American Museum of Natural History and is produced by a team of Museum educators, professional developers, and educational technologists. Courses are co-taught by an experienced classroom teacher and a working scientist. As a result, participants get a powerful combination of scientific expertise and classroom application. Meet some of our instructors for Sharks and Rays:

Learning Anytime & Anywhere

The online learning experience is new to many educators who take Seminars on Science courses. These six-week courses can fit well into your busy schedule and are easy to access from the web. Log in when you have time each week, and follow along as your classmates discuss the finer points of readings and assignments. You can expect to spend between ten and twelve hours per week on readings, assignments, discussions, and projects.

Learning Online
This audio slideshow will walk you through the layout of the course, including your instructors, assignments, class discussions, and your final project. Explore the slideshow.