Sharks and Rays


Educators who take Seminars on Science courses have overwhelmingly praised the program for its exciting content, rigorous academics, wonderful instructors, and the convenience of its online course structure. Many educators come back to explore additional courses. Here is some feedback from recent course participants in this course.

"Being new to online courses I felt that everything was laid out very well, the course was easy to use and understand. I liked how there was both the instructor and the scientist to give viewpoints."

—museum educator

Course Content

"The activities fostered a lot of intense research, so by the end of the week you felt like an amateur expert on that particular subject." —middle school science teacher


"The scientists involved were so knowledgeable and the feedback was so personal ... when I gave a response, each of the scientists who were involved responded exactly to what I said." —Biology and forensics teacher

Learning Online

"The instructors were excellent and fostered a cooperative and very positive atmosphere that encouraged students." —high school biology teacher

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