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Inverness Research Inc. is a national, independent educational research organization that assessed the Seminars on Science program over an eight year period. Their evaluation reveals that educators achieve a deeper understanding on science through these courses, mastering significant new material, gaining a better sense of how science is conducted, and aquired valuable classroom materials. Here are some highlights of the course evaluation for this course.

Course Experience

81% of teachers "have recommended this course to colleagues"

88% of teachers "used what I learned to create a unit for my students"

Content and Resources

How do teachers say that this course helps their students?

81% "Students better connect science in school with the real world"

73% "Students' curiosity is piqued about the course topics"

"The kids rarely see actual scientists doing work. If I can tell them about that, that usually makes it a little more exciting for them. ... Every once in a while, if they say "when am I going to use this?" I can throw in things like that." —high school science teacher

Interaction and Instruction

76% of teachers said the course "rekindled my passion for science and the work of scientists"

Further Reading

You can explore the complete evaluation results from Inverness Research Inc. by downloading these reports (PDF):

Inverness Research Inc. is based in Inverness, CA and provides insight into the design, quality and effectiveness of educational improvement initiatives.