In the Field with Spiders


Educators who take Seminars on Science courses have overwhelmingly praised the program for its exciting content, rigorous academics, wonderful instructors, and the convenience of its online course structure. Many educators come back to explore additional courses. Here is some feedback from recent course participants in this course.

"The discussions were very informational and supportive. Also, I enjoyed being able to get off the computer and do the field work. This hands-on experience really made a difference in how I internalized the information and will make it easier to teach my final project to my students."

—high school biology teacher

Course Content

"I began to see spiders in a whole new light, and now I look for spiders and spider webs wherever I go! I've even got relatives in other states looking for spiders for me so I can quickly build my specimen collection. I can't wait to do more research on spiders and introduce this topic to my seventh grade students. They are going to love it! The best part of the course was being able to let go of my fear and disgust of spiders. Also, putting my final project together was a very gratifying experience. I am very proud of what I accomplished." —elementary science teacher


"The content was superlative and all the positive remarks from the instructors were also. The format was great. I turned my home and yard into a lab. That worked so well. It was a delightful way to spend the summer—at home in the 'lab.' The demonstration videos were great." —middle school general science teacher

Learning Online

"The best part of this course was the ability to build a solid unit to teach my fourth graders that stimulates scientific inquiry. Also, it is a course designed for educators and meets professional development requirements that can be immediately used in the classroom." —elementary science teacher

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