Seminars on Science
Clare Wagstaff

Clare Wagstaff lives and teaches middle school science in Buffalo, NY. Born and raised in England, she gained her undergraduate degree in Biology from Keele University, undertaking research in fresh water ecology. Her passion for education lead her to teach high school biology in England for three years before moving to the USA six years ago. She now teaches chemistry, physics, Earth science and an engineering course focusing on nanotechnology to sixth and eighth grade students.

However, her main interest is in oceanography and she frequently scuba dives in Lake Erie. Clare is currently working towards her NAUI Dive Master certification. She recently completed her masters in science education through Plymouth State University as an entirely on-line course. Her final project was to develop a curriculum based on oceanography and climate change for grades one through four.

Clare was a NOAA Teacher at Sea in 2008, studying the affect of climate change on Harbor seal populations in Alaska. This September she will once again set sail as a Teacher at Sea to study coral reef disease off the coast of the Florida Keys. Now she has her ‘sea legs’ she would rather be on or under the water, than on dry land!

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