Meet Felicity Arengo
Felicity Arengo

Hi, I'm Felicity Arengo. I'm a conservation biologist at the American Museum of Natural History. As part of my job as the Associate Director of the Museum's Center for Biodiversity and Conservation, I study flamingos in South America.

This is Laguna Grande, Argentina. See the pink dots? They're flamingos!
This is an Andean Flamingo. Its scientific name is Phoenicoparrus andinus.
They are foraging for food in a salty lake.
They live in the shallow, salty lakes of the Andean Altiplano, a high plateau in the Andes mountain chain.
This is another species, called James' (or Puna) Flamingos.
Its scientific name is Phoenicoparrus jamesi.
These are young flamingos. By 3 to 5 years old, their feathers will reach full color.
This is me in Bolivia. I'm counting flamingos that live in the Andean lakes.
Another scientist and I retrieve a flamingo from a trap.
Don't worry, the flamingo won't be harmed.
We fit the flamingo with a satellite transmitter.
The transmitter tracks the flamingo's movements and maps its locations.
We then release the flamingo.
In Argentina, we gave a presentation to help people learn about flamingos.
Kids made stuff animal models of Andean, James', and Chilean flamingos!

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