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Ian: ArchaeologistIan : Archaeology : Colorado, Age 11
My school took a trip to the Crow Canyon Archaeological Center when I was in fourth grade. I learned a lot about what archaeologists do and what it's like to go on a real dig.
A mano & matate for grinding corn.
grid At Crow Canyon we searched for artifacts in a site that looked like a sandbox. This wasn't a "real" site, but it was similar to a real one. I found pieces of pottery. I also found a mano and a metate. These are tools the Anasazi Indians used for grinding up herbs, corn, and other stuff. While we were there, we used a mano and a metate to make cornmeal - just like the Anasazi did. We also visited Mesa Verde National Park, where I got to see ancient buildings and houses built by the Pueblo Indians.
Ian at a pueblo cliff dwelling at Mesa Verde National Park
It's hard to be an archaeologist. You have to dig into the hard ground, but you also have to be very careful not to break delicate artifacts. I would like to go on more digs at archaeological sites. I would also like to go on digs with paleontologists and look for dinosaur bones.
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