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KeallyKeally: Biodiversity: Wisconsin, Age 12
It's very important for kids to care about biodiversity. You may not think that the environment is important, but it is! If you don't care about plants and animals and find ways to help save them, we could lose their lifesaving properties forever.
Keally dumping banana peels in the compost bin outside.
My family and I help the environment by collecting food wastes like banana peels, orange peels, and other leftover foods and putting them in a bin outside to make compost. We then take the compost and use it as a fertilizer in our garden. We also recycle cans, bottles, and newspapers. I also worked hard to help clean up a river in our area. It's important to keep the environment clean.
Keally working on her experiment
I like to create science projects for school about the environment. I'm working on a project about acid rain. I tested how different levels of acidity affect living things like plants and a small organism called Daphnia. Acid in the air degrades the environment for people, animals, and plants.
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